BrainerZ Vision

Around the world, millions of people play and love games that involve skills, knowledge and strategy.
The Fun, The Excitment, The Win - Its What We Live For.
BrainerZ takes competitive social-gaming into an entirely different level.

What's Happening in the Playground?

Since we have launched The Bounty Playground there are:

Users (or Brains) Signed Up

BRNZ Bounty Tokens Rewarded

Bounty Riddles Solving Attempts

The BrainerZ Playground

A platform for competitive blockchain-based social games

Skills | Strategy | Speed | Brain Training





Jump into Knowledge Based Games

On the BrainerZ Playground, you’ll find unique, fun, and interactive social-gaming experiences where your money can exponentially grow. Jump in a game, get your mind working and win BRNZ Tokens!

In our initial stage, BrainerZ will launch two games: TreasureZ™ - a social-trivia game and RiddleZ™ - Mega riddles created by renowned riddler Dan Chamizer. You can win prizes with huge growth potential. Ready to test your skills?

BrainerZ Playground Game

Benchmark your success and increase your earnings

The leaderboard will appear as soon as you finish a game, so you can compare your score with the top scores of other players. When a BrainerZ game ends, you can instantly claim your share of the prize!

BrainerZ Leaderboard Win Tokens

Use a secure BRNZ wallet

Your prize awards go straight to your secured BRNZ wallet. This wallet will allow you to enter any game in the BrainerZ Playground. You can also cash-out your BRNZ currency or trade them on other crypto exchanges.

BrainerZ Cryptocurrency Wallet

The BRNZ Token BRNZ Token

The BRNZ token is an Ethereum-based ERC20 token. The token will be the reward for participating and winning BrainerZ crypto-games and allow BrainerZ gamers to play any game featured on the Playground. Other tokens that we collaborate with will have limited functionality on the platform, only accessing simpler or more centralized versions of the crypto-games. The BRNZ token, on the other hand, opens every game and will be the reward in featured competitions. The token will have safety mechanisms to prevent cheating, such as a lock-in time after winning and revocability in this time if fraudulent activity is detected.

*Read the whitepaper to learn more about the BrainerZ Blockchain usecase.

  • About

    BRNZ Token is the means of participation and reward in The BrainerZ Playground’s games and challenges

  • Standard

    Ethereum ERC20, utility based


The following Whitepaper describes in detail the BrainerZ Project. Feel free reading, sharing, asking questions and providing feedback to the BrainerZ community regarding the descriptions provided in the paper. You can do all of it in the Telegram group - just ask for an admin (we're there 24/7).

Download Whitepaper


Daniel Shoshani - BrainerZ CEO

Daniel Shoshani

Co-Founder & CEO
Yonatan Chelouche - BrainerZ CPO

Yonatan Chelouche

Co-Founder & CPO
Matan Cohen - BrainerZ CTO

Matan Cohen

Co-Founder & Back End Architect
Adam Shoshani - CFO

Adam Shoshani

Gur Tene - Marketing Strategy

Gur Tene

Marketing Strategy
Ilkin Jafarli - Community Growth & Partnerships

Ilkin Jafarli

Community Growth & Partnerships


Oded Margalit - BrainerZ CMO

Oded Margalit

Digital Marketing
Dan Chamitzer - BrainerZ Riddler

Dan Chamizer

Chief Riddler
Hadar - BrainerZ Advisor

Hadar Rottenberg

Tech & Blockchain Consultant
Hadar - BrainerZ Advisor

Or Demri

Blockchain Leader
Hadar - BrainerZ Advisor

Ali Ömer Horzum

Marketing Partner

Menachem Adika

Networking Strategy


legal advisor


April, 2017

BrainerZ Project Launched

September, 2017

Playground Backend Tests

December, 2017

TreasureZ & RiddleZ Spec

February, 2018

Launching BrainerZ Playground

Launching BrainerZ Bounty

Launching First Riddle

March, 2018

Whitepaper Publishment

Dev Plan Publishment

First Partnership Announcement

April, 2018

Private Sale Starts

New Game Publishment

July, 2018

Token Sale Starts (8 Weeks)

Partners Collaborations

Presenting Advisory Board

September, 2018

Token Sale Ends

October, 2018

Presenting OceanZ

3rd Party PG Integration

July, 2019

5 BrainerZ Games On The PG